About Gingerbread House of Learning

Founded on a predominantly progressive style of teaching, Gingerbread House of Learning believes that a learner that has fun, learns better. Each class caters to different age groups, from 10-17 months to 6 years old, with every class designed and planned carefully around the needs of each developmental level.

We at GHL stand by our mission to provide valuable, hands-on learning experiences to every child in a caring environment where everyone is valued and guided towards achieving their full potential.

Literacy-based Curriculum

Children learn to read when they are exposed to developmentally-appropriate activities and high quality reading materials. Each week in class, students focus on carefully curated stories that hone their literacy skills in the most enjoyable way.

Home-School Collaboration

We believe that consistency is key in optimizing a child’s learning experience. GHL values the influence of the home and constantly look to parents and guardians for their cooperation in helping reinforce learned concepts even at home.

Individualized Instruction

Our dedicated teachers take time to get to know each student. This means that a child’s unique learning abilities, including what he or she excels at and what he or she needs more focus on, is given ample time and attention through various one-on-one activities and exercises.

Nurturing and Trained Teachers and Staff

Our teachers and staff have boundless willingness to ensure that all students reach their maximum potential. We constantly strive to “reach and teach” every student under our care.

Goals and Objectives


Provide learning opportunities that challenge but do not frustrate children with different needs, preferences and capacities in a nurturing environment


Implement age – appropriate learning experiences that acknowledge and respect individuality and uniqueness.


Maintain a competent and dedicated teaching team that would effectively implement the school’s program, ensuring the achievement of our goals for our students.


Develop children’s individual attitudes, knowledge and skills to help them learn independently.


Ensure a holistic development in our students’ moral, intellectual, socio- emotional and cultural domains.


Cultivate a culture of excellence and strong collaboration among administrators, teachers, support staff and parents where everyone is accountable for developing learners who are capable, well – rounded and individuals.

School Curriculum and Philosophy


Children learn best through discovery and hands on experiences. Thus, lessons should be presented through variety of student centered activities that tap their natural sense of wonder and encourage both confidence and independence.

Apart from our own carefully thought of curriculum, GHL also has partners in bringing the best quality education to the children as we implement our progressive and literacy-based curriculum.

  • Kindermusik
  • Tae kwon do
  • The Learning Library


It is the school’s mission and vision to create learning opportunities and develop an inclusive environment wherein each child can flourish in every aspect of development. We aim to enable them with an educational foundation that will help them excel in their succeeding years of education.

Our educators strive to provide learning experiences guided by the beliefs that:

  • Each child is unique and develops at his own rate and his own style.
  • Children have a natural yearning to learn, discover and explore.
  • Children build a strong self-concept through many experiences of success.

Partner Programs

We teamed up with only the best, most dependable partner programs that not only share in GHL’s beliefs in making learning fun but are also innovative and truly helpful to your child’s development.

Kindermusik with Teacher Suzette

Gingerbread House of Learning has been a proud center of Kindermusik for years! Not only is it a great introduction to a school setting for the little ones it is also the world’s leading music and movement program for parents and their children, ages newborn to 7 years old.
Kindermusik Philippines is proud to be a member of this growing global community our mission is to change the country, and our world, through the gift of music and learning — one child, one family at a time.