Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child join GHL?

If your child falls under the age requirement as seen in our offerings page, then yes!

Can we join in the middle of the quarter?

We have Open Enrolment all throughout the school year, so yes, you may!

How will we know if our child likes the school? Can we try a class out to see if it’s the right fit?

We offer three days of Free trial classes to children for all levels. If your child is in between ages, we can suggest trying one day with one class and one day for another to see which one he/she falls into more appropriately.

Who stays in class with our children?

Apart from the teacher-in-charge, we have Teacher Aides readily available to assist the teacher and to make sure everyone is looked after properly. Our in-house nurse also goes around everyday, checking temperatures, and is on-call for any emergencies.

We booked a free trial class? What do we have to bring?

Just a few essentials, a small bag that contains the following

  1. Extra clothes
  2. Extra nappies (for those who aren’t potty trained yet)/ underwear
  3. A small towel
  4. A water bottle (we sing and dance a lot and the child might get parched)
  5. A few biscuits or cookies for snacks
  6. INDOOR SHOES (to make sure that the kids can freely play on the floor without having to worry, our surfaces are treated by Hygiene Science, a sanitation solutions provider. To minimize bacteria spreading we require that our students provide a pair of shoes for EXCLUSIVE use inside the premises)

What is the educational philosophy of the preschool?

The school’s curriculum is literacy-based as well as discovery-based. It is NOT one that is primarily  and ONLY focused on drill and practice skills. While structure is essential, we know that parents look for a preschool that offers opportunities for children to make choices about their learning, and we make sure our students are able to.

What is the educational background and experience of the teachers and staff?

Our teachers are all equipped with a background in Early Childhood Education. They are all trained and experienced in working with young children and with a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our staff are rigorously trained to not only keep up with the children but also to be of help to the teachers during class activities.

Are there active play opportunities to develop gross and fine motor skills?

Gingerbread House of Learning offers plenty of opportunities for active play. Physical activity is critical for the development of a child’s gross motor skills and promotes health and well-being. Table time or Individualized Instruction is also a must for us. It’s important that children have daily exposure to fine motor activities, such as stringing beads, snipping paper strips, and pre-writing activities such as scribbling in shaving cream. Regular exposure to these tasks develops the hand skills children will need in big schools.

Is Potty Training Required?

While it is ideal that children are potty trained when they come to school, we understand that not all children are able to adjust at the same time or at an early age. We have teacher aides that assist children who need help in going to the toilet.

How is discipline handled?

At Gingerbread House of Learning, we prefer “Behavioral Guidance” rather than discipline. Whenever an unfortunate incident occurs or if two children argue we encourage the teacher to process the situation with the child/children involved and to always strive for positive redirection.

Will the school provide references in the future if needed?

We require parents to make formal requests for documents such as Certificates of Enrolment or for copies of progress reports as needed, stating the purpose requested documents are for. It takes 3 working days to process such documents.