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Let’s Get Ready!

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Gingerbread House of Learning is holding its annual Parent Orientation on June 14, 2019

All parents are invited to join to get to know our school, our staff, our curriculum, the programs 2019 has in store for the students and even some fun and games!

Please call (02)-4262909 for confirmation of attendance

Summer Camp Fun at GHL!

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It’s that time of the year again! We know kids can get restless and bored at home without any planned activities all through out the summer months, so we’re here to help you!

Come join our 2019 Summer Camp and have your kids spend the hot days with us, all while having fun while learning new things! Feel free to drop by Gingerbread House of Learning or call (02)426-2909 for more info!


Never Miss A Beat with Taidii!

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Gingerbread House of Learning is proud to announce its partnership with Taidii, the leading Preschool Management System in Singapore.

Taidii (pronounced as Teddy, the plush toys we all loved as kids) allows parents to keep track of their child’s daily activities via the parent app. GHL chose to partner with Taidii for various reasons:

  1. We know parents can sometimes be a little too busy to check on circulars and communication folders, so we thought: What better way to make sure our parents are always in the know than to have them connected to the school via app?
  2. Gingerbread House of Learning is going green! Through the app, teachers and the administration  are able to disseminate information, such as class suspension announcements, circulars regarding school events etc. via the Taidii Communication Book
  3. Taidii’s system is inclusive of daily , real-time notifications to the parents regarding who drops off and picks up their child, matched with their temperature upon entering and leaving the school premises.

We are excited to roll out more features, so stay tuned!


For more information please visit:



Safety First!

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The GHL kids taking cover during the nationwide Shake Drill


In preparation for “The Big One” and in line with the nationwide Shake Drill, Gingerbread House of Learning recently conducted its annual Earthquake Drill. Lead by our  team of Teachers and staff, the Creampuffs, the Jellybeans, the Lemon Drops and the Sugar Plums armed with their Emergancy Go-Bags, bravely and properly followed the steps “Duck, Cover and Hold”  in order to stay safe in case of an Earthquake.

The school prepared the drills for a week in class, making sure the students were informed and briefed before conducting the school-wide drill.

Great Job, Kids!!!


Welcome Back to the Fun!

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Gingerbread House of Learning’s School Year has begun! The cutest kids are back, as well as a number of new additions to the family!

June 19 marked the beginning of another colorful school year for our kiddies and we are excited to see what this year has in store for everyone! To those wondering, Enrollment is Open all year-round! So come on by and book slots for your free trial classes today!